CISCO Wireless LAN Networks 2019 Answers

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  1. Where would Wireless Access Points likely be found?

    • Hotels
    • Cafes
    • Airport
  2. What statements correctly describe the frame subtypes in management frame? (Choose 3)

    • Beacon frame: Sends periodically from an Access Point to announce its presence and provide the SSID and other preconfigured parameters.
    • Association request: Carries information about the connection including SSID.
    • Probe request frame: Sends from a wireless client when it requires information from the wireless network.
  3. Match the frequency channel saturation avoidance technique used.

    • The technique creates redundancy in the transmitted signal in an effort to counter quality loss in the wireless medium. —–> Direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
    • This technique is able to maximize spectral efficiency without causing adjacent channel interference. —–> Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)
    • This technique requires the sender and receiver to be synchronized to “know” which channel to jump. —-> Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  4. What are the three-stage process use by wireless client to associate with a Wireless Access Point?

    Stage 1 – Discover AP

    Stage 2 – Authentication

    Stage 3 – Association

  5. What are reasons for clustering Access Points ?

    • All of the above.
  6. What are the differences between Autonomous Access Point and Controller-based Access Point. (Choose 4)

    • Autonomous Access Point is standalone.
    • Controller-based Access Point is server dependent.
    • Controller-based Access Point is managed by a WLAN Controller.
    • Autonomous Access Point is use for a network that requires only a couple of access points.
  7. Which of the following statements about SSIDs are true? (Choose 3)

    • They should be unique to your wireless LAN.
    • They are broadcast, by default, by most wireless network devices.
    • All wireless networks use them.
  8. In an attempt to maximize your wireless throughput while minimizing interference on your brand new 802.11b/g wireless Access Point, which setting should you change?

    • Change the default channel as appropriate.
  9. Bob has set up a Wi-Fi network for his café that works well within the indoor area, but works poorly on the patio. What’s the least expensive option for making Wi-Fi work for the patio customers?

    • Replace the factory antennas on the wireless Access Point.