Logo Design Skills Test Answers 2019

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Posted on June 7, 2019

38 Test Questions:

1. How do the following terms define themselves in context to logo making?
Match the following

1) Relevance 1) It should be different from the others.
2) Versatile 2) It should be readable enough even when scaled to any size.
3) Legible 3) It should convey the meaning and purpose of the business.
4) Unique 4) It should be adaptable to all the mediums without losing its meaning.

• 1 and 1, 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4 2
• 1 and 3, 2 and 4, 3 and 2, 4 and 1
• 1 and 2, 2 and 1, 3 and 4, 4 and 3
• 1 and 4, 2 and 3, 3 and 1, 4 and 2

2. How does the option enclosed in the red box in the image above behave when drawing with the selected brush in Illustrator?

• It scales the brush strokes equally according to the width and the height.
• It scales the brush in a non-proportional manner and stretches the brush in which the stroke is being made.
• It scales only the area that falls between the guides set by the user and keeps the remaining part unchanged.
• None of the above.

3. Which of the following is/are the way(s) to manipulate the gradient on a stroke in Illustrator?

• Apply Gradient Within Stroke
• Apply Gradient Along Stroke
• Apply Gradient Across Stroke
• All of the above

< h2 >4. Which of the following options of the Pencil tool determines the range of the mouse with respect to an existing selected path in order to edit the path in Illustrator?

• Fidelity
• Edit Selected Paths
• Within: _ pixels
• Keep Selected

5. Which tool has been used to fill the shape with the gradient in Corel Draw, as shown in the image?

• Interactive tool ->Linear
• Interactive tool ->Radial
• Interactive tool ->Conical
• Interactive tool ->Sqaure

6. Name the tools of the Corel Draw that have been shown in the image above?

• Crop, Knife, Eraser, Virtual segment delete
• Shape, Smduge Brush, Roughen Brush, Free Transform
• Smart Fill, Post Script Fill, Interactive Fill, Mesh Fill
• Drop Shadow, Extrude, Contour, Transparency

7. How does checking the “Align New Objects to Pixel Grid” option, highlighted in red in the image above, affect the new objects drawn by you in Illustrator?

• It enables an object to have its vertical and horizontal paths aligned to the pixel grid.
• It enables an object to have its curved paths aligned to the pixel grid.
• It provides a crisp appearance to the curved path aligned to the pixel grid even in the raster output.
• a and b

8. Starting clockwise from the top left in the above-given image, identify the types of surface shading as available in the 3D Revolve Options dialog box in Illustrator.

• Wireframe, No Shading, Diffuse Shading, Plastic Shading
• Diffuse Shading, Wireframe, No Shading, Plastic Shading
• No Shading, Plastic Shading, Wireframe, Diffuse Shading
• Plastic Shading, Wireframe, No Shading, Diffuse Shading

9. There are no rules for the use of fonts while designing the logo but which of the logos marked as A and B in the image given above is ideally most acceptable?

• A
• B

10. In CorelDraw, Which of the following tools do you use to merge the two shapes into one as shown in the image?

• Envelope Tool
• Boundary Effect
• Contour Tool
• Powerclip

11. Which of the following element(s) is/ are not good to be used while creating the logos keeping in mind the dynamic scope of implementation?

• Fonts
• Vectors
• Images
• None of the above

12. Which of the following colors falls in Primary colors?

• Blue
• Cyan
• Black
• Purple

13. In Illustrator, The _______________________option of the Envelope Options specifies how precisely you want the object to fit the envelope mold.

• Preserve Shape Using
• Fidelity
• Distort Pattern Fills
• Anti-Alias

14. Which of the following checkpoints can be useful before delivering the final product to the client?

• It should not change or lose the meaning when converted into grayscale image.
• Colors should not be used which are hard on the eyes.
• Fonts should be legible when scaled down.
• All of the Above.

15. The color wheel shown in the image above represents the right labels to its corresponding category.

• True
• False

< h2 >16. What problems can you face if you make this graphic a part of the logo?

• It can lose the detail when transformed to smaller size.
• It can be difficult to color each segment of the detail.
• Both a and b
• None of the above

17. In Illustrator, ____________________ lets you combine multiple objects and specify how you want each object to interact with the other objects.

• Compound shapes
• Compound paths
• Pathfinder effects
• None of the above

18. Which of the following tools lets you design multi-colored filled objects with maximum fluid color transitions in Corel Draw?

• Interactive Fill
• Smart Fill
• Mesh Fill
• Fountain Fill

19. In Illustrator, The higher value of the Fidelity option of the Pencil tool options makes ______________ and less ____________ paths.

• smoother, complex
• sharp, irregular
• complex, smooth
• None of the above

20. What can be the most acceptable approach for creating a logo?

1. Brainstorm and generate ideas
2. Sketch the ideas
3. Develop vector designs
4. Submit it to clients

• 2,1,3,4
• 3,1,2,4
• 1,2,3,4
• 1,3,2,4

21. The anchor points of the connecting segments display__________________ in illustrator.

• direction points
• direction lines
• direction handles
• segments

22. What tool has been used to achieve the result in Corel Draw as shown in the image above?

• Blend Tool
• Smart Drawing
• Angular Dimensions
• Distort

23. How can you achieve the result in Corel Draw as shown in the image above?

• Text ->Drop Cap
• Text ->Straighten Text
• Text ->Fit Text To Path
• Text ->Encode

24. Which option gives you the result shown in the image above while using the Envelope Distort command in the Object menu of Illustrator?

• Make with Warp
• Make with Mesh
• Make with Top Object
• None of the above

25. Which option under the Envelope Distort command in the Object menu would you use to get the result shown in figure B from the original figure A using Illustrator?

• Make With Warp
• Make With Mesh
• Make With Top Object
• None of the above

26. In Corel Draw, _______________ tool lets you create smooth curves with fewer nodes than curves drawn by any freehand tool.

• Bezier
• B-spline
• 2-point line
• 3-point curve

27. Which color model will you use for creating a logo keeping in mind it will get printed in the end?

• a and b

28. Extruding and Revolving are the two ways to convert 2-dimensional objects into 3-dimensional objects in Illustrator.

• True
• False

< h2 >29. What are complementary colors?

• Colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel.
• Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.
• Colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel.
• Colors arranged into two complementary pairs.

30. In Corel Draw, The __________________rendering intent is suitable for logos or other graphics that contain only a few out-of-gamut colors.

• Relative colorimetric
• Absolute colorimetric
• Perceptual
• Saturation

31. Which option in “Shape Builder Tool Options” allows you to split the parent path into two in Illustrator?

• Gap Detection
• Consider Open Filled Paths as Closed
• Stroke Splits the Path (In the Merge mode)
• Highlight Stroke When Editable

32. The Smooth mesh color option in Corel Draw allows the colors added to the mesh nodes to blend seamlessly with the rest of the object.

• Yes
• No

33. The ________________feature helps create a ZIP folder containing the CorelDRAW file, a PDF version of it, the fonts and the color profiles used in the file, which can then be sent to the print service provider.

• Collect to output
• Concept Share
• Publish to PDF
• Export to Office

34. Which of the given Wrapping styles follows the curve of the object in Corel Draw?

• Square
• Square Straddle Text
• Contour
• All of the above.

35. Which option in the stylize sub-menu of the Effect menu controls the amount the scribble lines curve before they reverse direction in Illustrator?

• Angle
• Path Overlap
• Variation
• Curviness

36. Which of the following is the best approach while creating the logos?

• Working with Vectors
• Working with Raster
• a and b

37. Which of the following color(s) fall(s) in neutral colors?

• Grey
• Black
• White
• All of the above.

38. In Corel Draw, You cannot move individual characters in artistic text, but you can use a variety of special effects.

• Yes
• No