CISCO Wireless LAN Security 2019 Answers

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  1. What interferer can be seen using the Cisco CleanAir technology?

    • Microwave ovens

  2. What authentication method would you choose if your guest users need to be greeted with a splash page and login request?

    • Web Authentication

  3. What attacks does Management Frame Protection help to mitigate? (Choose 2)
    • Denial-of-service

    • Man-in-the-Middle

  4. What device is used as the Authentication Server in an 802.1X implementation?

    • RADIUS Server

  5. When a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) floods a rogue AP with de-authenticate messages, what is the possible reason?

    • Inhibit communication between the rogue AP and legitimate stations.

  6. Which authentication methods are most commonly used in Enterprise wireless deployments? (Choose 3)

    • EAP-FAST

    • PEAP
    • EAP-TLS

  7. With ______​Passive______ scanning a wireless device listens for a beacon frame for a set period of time. Once the device receives a beacon frame and the SSID, it can then attempt to join the network.

  8. The two primary security vulnerabilities of the original 802.11 wireless security mechanism are

    • Authentication

    • Encryption
  9. The ___EAP___ is an “envelope” that can carry many different kinds of exchange data used for authentication, such as a challenge/response, one-time passwords, and digital certificates.