Final Exam - CISCO Introduction to IoT 2018 Answers

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Which character is used within a search engine to gather data efficiently by placing the character before and after the name of a particular person?
quotation mark (")

Which two types of institutions do malicious web pages often look like? (Choose two.)

True or False? Comma-separated values (CSV), JSON, and XML are all tools that can be used to manipulate structured data.

What is an open-source physical computing platform that can take input from a variety of switches or sensors to control physical objects?

Which type of network consists of wired computers in a college classroom?

What is the largest network in existence?
the internet

What are three benefits of cloud computing? (Choose three.)
It eliminates or reduces the need for onsite IT equipment, maintenance, and management.
It enables access to organizational data anywhere and at any time.
It streamlines the IT operations of an organization by subscribing only to needed services.

What are the two areas of physical security within a data center?

What is the core component of Intent-Based Networking?
artificial intelligence

Match the logic structure to the function.
allow the code to make decisions - if-then
execute a block of code while a condition is true - while
repeat the execution of a specific block of code for a specific number of times - for

What are two characteristics of the Python programming language? (Choose two.)
It runs without conversion to machine-language.
The code is easy to read.

Which two data types would be classified as personally identifiable information (PII)? (Choose two.)
Facebook photographs
vehicle identification number

Which two skills help with IoT prototyping? (Choose two.)

What are two requirements to connect a smart device to a home wireless network? (Choose two.)
IP addressing

What is a key feature of the assurance element of the intent-based networking model?
end-to-end verification of network-wide behavior

A company requires using a secure encrypted internet connection when connecting to the corporate network from outside the company. Which technology should be used when employees travel and use a laptop?

Which security best practice involves defining company rules, job duties, and expectations?
developing a security policy

What are three attributes of data that would indicate that it may be big data? (Choose three.)

Which technology has the intelligence that is demonstrated by machines in a way that mimics human cognitive functions?

What is the purpose of data analytics?
to gain new insights from data

Mined data can be visualized through the use of charts. Select two criteria that can be used to determine the best chart selection. (Choose two.)
number of variables to be shown
items requiring comparison

What device provides auto discovery services for smart devices that are connected to the network?
home gateway

Which type of network is the connection between a Bluetooth headset and a vehicle?

Change will have to occur in the corporate network in order to prepare for the Internet of Things. Which type of testing would a company do to demonstrate the benefits of networking a new "thing" that was not on the network before?

What are two features of automation? (Choose two.)
a process that eventually eliminates the need for human intervention
a process that is self-driven

What are two things that all digital devices need in order to work? (Choose two.)
computer program

What is used to provide IoT sensors with access to the network?
a microcontroller

What is the purpose of Packet Tracer?
to simulate and visualize one or more networks

Which statement describes global variables in programming languages?
They can be used within any function of a program.

How is data that has been collected through sources such as web pages, audio, or tweets categorized?
unstructured data

Match the term with the definition. (Not all options are used.)
Hadoop - a comprehensive ecosystem...
distributed processing - breaks large volumes of data...
fog computing - an architecture that utilizes...
cloud services - a collection of data centers...

What limits the types of different objects that can become intelligent sensors on the Internet of Things?
our imagination

Which technology is a subset of AI that uses statistical techniques to enable computers to "learn" from collected data?

True or False? With artificial intelligence, smart devices can modify processes and settings on the fly in response to changes on the network.

Which technology is used as a visual programming tool to create a program by connecting colored blocks?