CISCO Introduction to IoT Chapter 6 Quiz Answers

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What is the primary focus of the CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum that is available through the Cisco Networking Academy?
It provides learners to have a comprehensive overview of networking concepts and skills.

What is the primary focus of the IoT fundamentals courses available through Cisco Networking Academy curriculum?
The courses teach learners how to connect sensors to the cloud, analyze big data, and securely collect data.

True or False? Even though IoT is considered an enabling technology, not all jobs created are IT-related.

How many students have been trained through Cisco Networking academies to date?
5 million

What is the primary focus of the IT Essentials course available through the Cisco Academy curriculum?
It teaches learners the fundamentals of computer hardware and software.

How many countries have Cisco Networking Academies helping individuals prepare for industry-recognized certifications and mastering IT skills?

Which IoT-related job would deal with the development and implementation of the underlying technologies within the digital world?

What is a Cisco developer program community that allows the user to learn, connect, inspire, and code and consists of coordinated developer tools, and sandboxes?
Cisco Learning Network

Which series of Cisco Networking Academy courses is designed to develop skills for securely collecting data, connecting sensors to the cloud, and analyzing big data?
IoT Fundamentals

Which IT community is a collection of resources designed for people who wish to develop skills and pursue a Cisco certification?
Cisco Learning Network