CISCO Introduction to IoT Chapter 1 Quiz Answers

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What is needed in a smart home to connect sensors and smart devices to a network?
home gateway

What allows digital devices to interconnect and transmit data?
a network

What information is conveyed by the SSID that is configured on an IoT device?
the wireless network

What is a sensor?
a device that detects or measures an event or physical property

Which type of wireless network is used to connect devices within a city to create a metropolitan-area network (MAN)?

What is the core component of Intent-Based Networking?
artificial intelligence

What is comprised of millions of smart devices and sensors connected to the internet?
the Internet of Things

True or False? Once connected to the home gateway, smart devices can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

What type of device could allow a refrigerator to place a replacement order for an item contained within it?

True or False? The Internet of Things can help organizations improve the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing processes and operations.

Which type of computing is located at the edge of a business or corporate network and that allows data from sensors to be preprocessed?

Which tool allows a user to simulate real networks?
Packet Tracer

Which type of network is used to connect a company located in one area of a city to another location in a city far away?

Which command is used to test network connectivity and provide a response to each packet received by the remote host?

True or False? The Internet of Things will connect inanimate objects to the network with intelligent sensors.