Internet Marketing Test Answers 2019

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Posted on June 7, 2019

70 Test Questions:

1. What is an important step early on when forming a web marketing strategy?

• Designing catchy ads
• Allocating a large budget to the project
• Identifying your customer base
• Hiring a consulting firm

2. Why is affiliate marketing a favorable form of marketing?

• It is inexpensive
• Nothing is paid unless there is a sale resulting from the affiliate’s efforts
• It guarantees increased sales
• It is complex so not many people utilize it

3. What is one advantage to using a purchased email list?

• The firm selling them often makes up fake email addresss
• Large quantity of email addresses and markets otherwise not reached
• The bounce rate is very low
• It is targeted at your potential customers

4. How do listeners decide what is a worthwhile podcast to continually listen to?

• High quality audio and high quality content
• If its funny
• Broad based podcasts with no general direction
• Having several hosts and a myriad of topics

5. What is a site index?

• A page which has a linkable outline of all of the pages on a website
• A site with only 1 page
• A site with special deals for purchasers
• A special ranking with search engines

6. How can supplemental materials be delivered to the podcast listener?

• Embedded into the audio file
• Files can be made available for download along with the link to the podcast
• The listener has to go to a special site only during the podcast
• The listener must pay for any additional materials

7. How can posting on other message boards help drive traffic to a company site?

• You can steal away clients from other companies directly
• You can tell lies about competitors
• You can trump up claims of what your company does
• By becoming an expert on a subject and giving people information which demonstrates your company’s knowledge and expertise

8. Which of the following would not be effective in headline writing?

• Using words that draw attention
• Using words that people may search for
• Using small words which take up space and do not add value
• Using words such as “new, exciting, special offer”

9. What is search engine optimization?

• Paying for placement on a search engine results page
• Building a site which has the qualities that search engines look for, which will ultimately get the site a high rank in the listings
• Optimization of a site so it gets more affiliate revenue
• Selling memberships to the site

10. Why would a company possibly want to spend more on PPC early on?

• It costs less early on
• To drive traffic to their site and increase awareness
• To let the competition know they are serious
• To sell more products

11. Why would a firm employ guerilla web marketing?

• It is guaranteed to work
• It allows greater flexibility
• It gives the firm more control over its marketing budget
• It is unconventional and can often leave a lasting impression on potential customers

12. What is a “call to action”?

• Hoping the customer buys your product
• Recruiting new employees
• Creating a new ad campaign
• Using verbs to encourage people to take an action

13. Why have social networking sites become a popular method of internet marketing?

• They are free and easy to use
• They guarantee more traffic to your site
• Ease of use, large number of users, easy to target specific demographics
• They are a passing trend

14. What is a secondary reason to actively maintain a company blog, besides giving potential customers something to read?

• It keeps the marketing staff busy in down times
• It impresses clients
• A well maintained blog will help increase page rank with search engines
• It makes the company seem larger than it is

15. Why has web marketing become the primary method of marketing for some companies?

• It is more effective than anything else for all companies
• It is inexpensive compared to other methods
• It reaches a broad based audience
• It guarantees increased sales

16. How can a podcast be used to drive customers to a website?

• By only hosting the podcast on the website
• By giving information on the podcast which gives the listener the desire to learn more, and directing them to the website for that information
• By making the podcast a premium one which costs money
• By telling the listeners that they need your product

17. What is meant by “white hat”?

• When marketers show up for work wearing white hats
• Dishonest techniques for gaining higher rankings
• Ethical and honest methods of increasing page rankings
• Software used to increase rankings

18. What is brand strategy?

• Creating the image you want your company perceived as and marketing in a way that portrays that image to customers
• Strategy for reaching customers worldwide
• Creating a package that catches peoples eyes
• Creating an image that contradicts competitor’s assertations

19. What is “cost per action”?

• Same as pay per click
• A payment agreement where a specific action creates a payable event for the affiliate, such as a click, a purchase, a number of page views
• A payment agreement where costs change depending on volume
• The product cost

20. How do firms typically budget once positive results are seen from their internet marketing campaign?

• Decrease the overall budget
• Spend more on the methods which are not producing results
• Increase the budget and focus on those activities which are working
• Stop marketing

21. What should a company do once it achieves its search engine ranking goals?

• Stop promoting the site
• Constantly monitor and improve their site in order to maintain their ranking
• Revise the site once in awhile
• Sell advertising on their site

22. How are Pay Per Click ad campaigns billed?

• Everytime an ad is displayed it costs the company money
• Set monthly fee regardless of impressions or clicks
• Discounted based on length of commitment
• The customer pays each time their ad is clicked on, usually billed monthly

23. What is the purpose of sending a monthly newsletter?

• It creates work for employees at the company
• It builds branding, creates awareness and a connection with potential clients
• It gives people a chance to opt out of ever talking to your company again
• Required by law

24. What is a “value proposition”?

• The pricing of the product
• The same as a business plan
• A statement as to how the company will make more money.
• A statement as to how the company adds value for customers

25. What is the formula for calculating cost per customer acquisition?

• Marketing spent on television divided by the number of new customers
• Sales divided by customers
• Total marketing budget divided by all customers ever
• Total marketing budget for a specific period divided by the number of new customers for that same period

26. Why is it important to set daily maximum budgets for pay per clicks ad campaigns?

• It helps with ad placement
• It is required
• It helps drive affiliate sales
• Costs of clicked links can add up quickly if not limited

27. How important is content on a site when optimizing it?

• Not important at all, does not factor in
• Mildly important to keep customers happy
• It is the only thing which creates a higher ranking in search engines
• Very important, new content especially

28. How is the pricing model of a click determined?

• Standardized rate for the ad
• Google sets the price worldwide
• Ads always cost more in later months
• The more popular a search term, the more a customer will have to pay to use that term in his/her target keywords list

29. How should a company allocate its marketing budget among the various methods of internet marketing?

• Depends on the company and what is most effective for its business
• Spread evenly among the methods chosen
• Haphazardly
• Spend most on email marketing

30. What is meant by “guerilla marketing”?

• Using resources such as time, energy and imagination rather than money to market
• Using advertising spots which utilize gorillas to capture the audience
• Having a large scale marketing budget
• Using television ads instead of web ads

31. Which of the following can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results?

• Excessive link exchanging
• Static content
• Using automated programs or services to create links to your site
• Contact Us Page

32. What type of income statement items are marketing expenses?

• Variable Cost
• Fixed Cost
• Revenue
• Cost of Good Sold

33. Why has web marketing become a popular form of marketing?

• It is much cheaper than other forms and often more effective
• Television advertising is being offered less
• It is easier than traditional marketing
• It has been heavily advertised

34. What is “cost per customer acquisition”?

• The amount a company pays a customer to try their product
• The average cost of marketing spent per new customer
• The cost of marketing staff
• The cost to beat competitors

35. Which 3 industries are the largest users of affiliate marketing?

• Prescription drugs, electronics, child products
• Gambling, adult, retail
• Retail outlets, bakeries, beverage
• Computer equipment, auto manufacturers, construction

36. What is the primary goal of web marketing?

• To give the target market an ad like they would see on TV
• To sell customers on the spot
• To earn affiliate income
• To drive potential customers to the company website

37. How is the “open rate” important?

• It tells the company how many people clicked on the links in the email
• It lets the company know how many people bought a product
• It is the number of people who received the email
• It is the number of people who actually opened the email sent to them, giving the company insight into how effective the email marketing campaign was

38. What is an “impression”?

• When a person buys a product from a site
• When your ad is displayed on a page online, not necessarily clicked on
• When an ad is clicked on
• When an ad makes an impression on a client

39. How much would a company pay for the given example: Ad displays 20 times, 2 users click the ad, cost per click is 5 cents.

• 90 cents
• 10 cents
• 20 cents
• 1 cent

40. What is a “landing page”?

• The page a potential customer sees when they click on your paid ad
• The main company website
• A page where the customer can buy the product
• Where the pay per click ads are created

41. Why are purchased email lists typically ineffective?

• They are too expensive
• They distribute an email to far more people than the company has in its contacts
• They make up fake emails to sell
• They are not targeted at customers specific to your company and have high bounce rates

42. What is a trackback?

• Same as a trademark
• A method of notification that somebody links to document/html
• When someone goes to your site because of your podcast
• A count of how many downloads your podcast has

43. How can a company profit from a podcast directly?

• Pay another company to host it
• Charge for premium content
• Set up an affiliate link
• All podcasts are free, they can not be directly profitable

44. Which of the following are podcasts least likely to target?

• Sales
• Branding
• Customer loyalty
• Content delivery

45. How can chat rooms bolster site traffic?

• The competition can come to the chat and try to steal customers
• It gives the company a way to distance themselves from customers
• By having people talk positively about your company and by answering questions people may have in a non threatening, anonymous method
• It gives a way for customers to log complaints

46. Who was one of the original widely known affiliate marketers?

• Ebay
• AT&T
• WorldCom
• Amazon

47. What are the four P’s of marketing?

• Placement, Production, Procurement, Procedures
• Product, Price, Placement, Promotion
• Position, Price, Production, Premature
• Product, Promotion, Procedures, Procurement

48. What is the best way to make internet marketing effective?

• Focus on one specific technique such as direct email
• Use a myriad of methods online
• Spend a lot of money on it
• Use email marketing first

49. What is a double opt in process?

• Someone must email the firm twice to get on a list
• Someone must ask to be on your email list, and then verify by clicking a link they want to be on it
• Someone must email the firm twice to get off an email list
• Someone has to send an email confirming an online purchase

50. What is the purpose of having a special landing page for a PPC ad?

• It costs less if done that way
• It gives the potential to have mixed messages on the site
• Statistics can be gathered on the page, as well as special offers can be shown to the ad clicker
• Customers expect it

51. Why is it important to fine tune the timing of the ad and keywords used?

• It costs less in later hours
• To be sure to spend more money on marketing
• Required by law
• To carefully target the customer base desired, not wasting impressions and clicks

52. What is an auto-responder?

• A person who replies to all emails for the company
• An automatic email message sent to someone who takes an action such as submitting a form on a company website
• A method of direction communication with clients
• An email relay system

53. Who regulates affiliate marketing?

• No one currently
• Internet Affiliate Board

54. Why is the subject line of any email campaign important?

• It gives the person an opportunity to delete the email before reading it
• It is all the receiver sees besides the email address until they open the email
• It lets the receiver know they are about to be sold something

55. What is A/B testing?

• Testing 2 products to see which is safer
• Using 2 versions of an ad, measuring results to see which one is more effective
• Testing 2 products to see which one sells more
• Using 2 versions of an ad to see which one has less bounce rate

56. What is the “active voice” style of writing ads?

• Using “you” and not “I” or “we” – directing wording towards the customer
• Writing in the first person
• Writing in the third person
• Speaking omnisciently

57. Why is reciprocal linking becoming an important way to reach potential clients?

• Visitors to other sites of a similar nature to yours are likely to click on links to bring them to your site
• It creates an income stream
• It is the easiest way to create traffic
• It builds goodwill

58. How is click-through rate measured in an email campaign?

• The number of emails which did not bounce back
• The number of people who click on a link in the email bringing the potential customer to your site
• The number of people who purchased a product or service from the email
• The number of people who replied to the email

59. What is affiliate marketing?

• Same as guerilla marketing
• Selling ad space on your site
• When a 3rd party helps market your business, and in turn you pay them a commission based on sales as a result of their efforts
• Pay per click marketing

60. Why would a company hire internet marketing specialists if marketing is relatively easy to do online?

• It reduces taxable profits
• To get a second opinion
• Creates goodwill
• Hired experts can drive the best results of campaigns and help guide the company in its marketing

61. What is meant by “viral marketing”?

• Creating ads that users pay to watch
• Creating ad campaigns which are expensive and well produced
• Creating ad campaigns with a very narrow focus
• Creating ad campaigns which are inexpensive, gain massive popularity and become widely distributed

62. What is the purpose of a traditional press release?

• It acts as a direct marketing sales tool
• It can be mailed out to potential clients
• It announces company information to a widely dispersed group of people
• It target markets to internet users

63. What are meta tags?

• The content of the site
• Embedded information about your website such as keywords
• Links to other sites
• Images on the site

64. Why are affiliates not the same as having a sales force?

• The affiliates are virtual
• The affiliates can be based anywhere in the world
• The affiliate only drives traffic, they do not necessarily convert them to sales
• The affiliates have limited availability

65. How can the signature block be used effectively?

• Increases the length of the email making it seem more important
• Branding the firm and relaying information to the email recipient such as the company blog
• Guarantees further marketing success
• Expensive form of marketing

66. What is meant by “niche marketing”?

• Targeting a broad based group of people
• Targeting a very specific demographic
• Advertising on the television
• Advertising only online

67. What is meant by “web 2.0”?

• The resurgence of internet companies with more interactive focus, such as blogging and social networking
• Any website which has survived the bust
• Sites made using new technology
• Internet companies who focus on retail sales

68. How are keywords utilized by search engines?

• They are all that the search engine uses to rank pages
• The keywords are a brief description of what topics your site relates to
• They help the search engine decide how good your sites content is
• The keywords guarantee positioning

69. What is one unfavorable trait sometimes seen in affiliate marketing?

• The cost is low
• It brings additional traffic to a site
• Affiliates will use unethical techniques to drive customers in hopes of earning a commission
• It is only paid for based on successful selling

70. What is “bounce rate” in terms of email marketing?

• The percentage of emails sent to a list which are returned as undeliverable
• The percentage of repeat clients
• The percentage of people who receive an email and buy the product
• The percentage of people who click the links in an email