Game Programming Concepts Test Answers 2019

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Posted on June 7, 2019

76 Test Questions:

1. What primitive is used to draw particles?

• points
• lines
• quads
• triangles
• Any primitive may be used depending on the situation

2. While using RGBA, what is the color of #ff00ff80?

• Semi-transparent red
• Semi-transparent magenta
• Semi-transparent blue
• Semi-transparent yellow
• Semi-transparent orange

3. What is an event queue?

• A synchronous communication protocol
• A mail system
• A message queue used for inter-process or inter-thread communication
• None of the above

4. What is rasterization?

• Collision detection
• Texture mapping
• The task of taking an image described in a vector graphics format and converting it into pixels
• None of the above

5. What is UV Mapping?

• A mathematical model of a surface
• The process of painting vertices
• A 3D modeling process to make a 2D image represent a 3D model
• None of the above

6. What is the result of a dot product?

• A vector
• A scalar
• A matrix
• None of the above

7. A UDP client sends a packet to a server on port 80. The server responds using port 50’234 as source port. What will the result be?

• It will always work.
• The response packet might be blocked by state-full firewalls.
• The server will crash when trying to use a different port.
• None of the above

8. In a networked game, the client can be coded in C while the server is coded in Ruby.

• True
• False

9. How many 3 dimension vectors are needed to position and orient an object in space?

• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
• 5

10. What does the following statement describe?

It renders the scene from the light point of view, in a depth texture; then it renders the scene again from the camera point of view using the depth texture to determine if a pixel is in shadow or not.

• Collision detection
• Depth mapping
• Shadow mapping
• Texture mapping
• None of the above

11. What are shadow volumes?

• Shadow volumes are a technique used in 3D computer graphics to add shadows to a rendered scene.
• Shadow volumes are a fast way to add shadows to a 3D scene.
• Shadow volumes are a very slow way to add shadows to a 3D scene.
• None of the above.

12. What are pbuffers?

• Point buffer objects
• Pixel buffer objects
• Particle buffer objects
• None of the above

13. The UDP is an acknowledged protocol.

• True
• False

14. How many layers are there in the OSI model?

• 1
• 3
• 5
• 7
• 9

15. The fundamental idea behind particles is that they are immune to physics laws (collisions, …).

• True
• False

16. A particle engine can be done using either vertices or fragments.

• True
• False

17. What is a physics engine?

• A piece of code regulating 3D models
• A simulation using Newtonian physics models
• A visual effect
• None of the above

18. What is network endianess?

• big endian
• little endian
• vax endian
• None of the above

19. Which one of the following languages can easily be embedded into a game engine?

• C
• Perl
• lua
• Java
• Objective-C

20. What is a particle emitter?

• The destination of the particles
• The origin of the particles
• The orbits of the particles
• None of the above

21. What is a garbage collector?

• A visual effect
• A form of automatic memory management
• A form of manual memory management
• A reference count based memory management
• None of the above

22. What is a graphical projection?

• A protocol by which an image of a 3D object is projected onto a planar surface
• A technique to display a surface in a 3D scene
• A protocol by which an image of a 2D object is projected onto a 3D scene
• None of the above.

23. Which of the following are multivariate interpolations?

• Nearest neighbor
• Bicubic
• Bilinear
• Inverse distance weighting
• Kriging
• All of the above

24. What is the following 4×4 matrix called?

1 0 0 0
0 1 0 0
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 1

• Unary matrix
• Normalized matrix
• Identity matrix
• Reverse matrix
• None of the above

25. What is a sprite?

• A fairy
• An image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene
• A 3d model
• None of the above

26. What is a shader?

• A way of uploading vertices to the GPU
• A memory effect
• A list of renderer instructions to produce certain visual effects
• A smooth visual effect
• None of the above

27. Which one in the following list is the usual correct game design for sound?

• Music is played on the left speaker while sound effects are on the right one.
• Music is played on the right speaker while sound effects are on the left one.
• Music is played in stereo and sound effects are mixed above it.
• None of the above

28. What is a singleton?

• A design pattern that uses only static object methods
• A design pattern that uses only non-static object methods
• A design pattern that is used to restrict the instantiation of a class to one object
• None of the above

29. What is the base component of a 3D model?

• Lines
• Vertices
• Surfaces
• Cubes
• Spheres

30. What is VRAM?

• Video memory
• A dual-ported variant of DRAM
• A special memory once used to store the frame buffer
• None of the above

31. What is the utility of z-buffering?

• Z-buffering is used to solve the problem of deciding which elements of a rendered scene are visible and which are hidden
• Z-buffering is used to render a texture
• Z-buffering is used to render distant objects
• None of the above

32. Why is the TCP protocol considered a reliable protocol?

• Because it is widely used
• Because it is acknowledged by routers
• Because it is acknowledged by both peers
• TCP is not reliable, UDP is
• None of the above

33. What is pathfinding?

• An algorithm used to find a route between A and B
• An algorithm used to upload data rapidly
• A client to server connection
• None of the above

34. What is the usual MTU for ethernet networks?

• 1000
• 1500
• 2030
• 9000

35. What’s an asset?

• Money needed to fund the game
• A compressed file
• Everything that is used in a game (sounds, textures, sprites…).
• None of the above

36. What is texture mapping?

• A technique to place a texture at a certain position
• A method to create textures
• A method to apply textures to a 3D model
• A technique to adjust the perspective of textures

37. Which of the following are antialiasing techniques?

• Supersampling
• Adaptivesampling
• Multisampling
• Fastsampling
• Cubicsampling

38. What is portal rendering?

• A visibility determination algorithm
• A shadowing technique
• A collision detection algorithm
• None of the above

39. Which ones in the following file format list are lossless file formats?

• mp3
• aac
• aiff
• ogg

40. What is true regarding lossy compression?

• It has lower compression ratio than lossless compression
• Compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves the same data
• Compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves data that may well be different from the original
• It removes most of the inaudible sounds to provide better compression

41. What is double buffering?

• A technique to minimize flickering
• A technique to make rendering faster
• An image loading technique
• None of the above

42. What is a vector?

• A complex number
• A couple of 2 numbers
• A geometric object with a weight and a length
• A geometric object which has both a magnitude and a direction

43. What is a lightmap?

• A texture describing the displacement of a surface
• A texture describing the brightness of a surface
• A texture describing the bump of a surface
• None of the above

44. What is a GPU?

• A random number generator
• A dedicated graphic processor
• A special memory used for network buffers
• None of the above

45. What’s a timer?

• An entity which represents a task to be executed at a regular interval
• A list of functions
• A rapid function
• None of the above

46. What is multitexturing?

• A process to apply different textures alternately to the same surface
• An algorithm to apply many different textures to the same surface at the same time
• Neither of the above.

47. What is a particle system?

• A technique consisting in using small chunks of memory
• A technique to simulate certain phenomena like fire, smoke or dust
• A rendering technique
• A technique for generating particles

48. What is a hash table?

• A value array
• A data structure that associates keys with values
• A list of values
• A data structure that associates values with keys
• None of the above

49. What is parallax mapping?

• A vertices mapping technique
• A ray tracing technique
• An enhancement of the bump mapping technique
• A renderer
• None of the above

50. What is a MIDI file?

• A regular audio file
• An audio file containing sound waves
• A file containing instructions for instrument synthesizers
• An image file
• None of the above

51. What is framerate?

• The number of frames in a game
• The monitor refresh rate
• The number of times an image is rendered per second
• None of the above

52. What is scanlines rendering?

• A fast way to access an image
• A black and white effect
• An algorithm for visible surface determination
• A technique to create a blur effect
• None of the above

53. What is 3D audio?

• 3D audio is a technique used to add sound to a 3D environment.
• 3D audio is a sound effect that creates the illusion of multiple sound sources placed anywhere in the 3D space.
• 3D audio is a special effect that makes sound like in a specific place.
• None of the above.

54. How much memory will an 8 bit per channel RGBA texture of 256×256 pixels take?

• 2Mbytes
• 2Mbit
• 2Moctet
• 2Kbytes

55. What is a cross product?

• The product of two floats
• The product of two vectors
• The product of two matrices
• The product of two ints
• None of the above

56. A texture is composed of fragments.

• True
• False

57. What is a bones system?

• A technique in modeling to animate a 3D model
• A skeleton used for the animation of a 3D model
• A skeletal animation
• A technique to create a 3D model

58. What does bump mapping do?

• It flattens a texture
• It adds a relief effect to a texture
• It adds minor displacements to a surface
• None of the above.

59. What is back buffer?

• It is a rendering mode for full screen interface
• It is a graphic abstraction layer for rendering
• It is a 3D display technology
• It is the drawing target buffer in a double buffering system
• None of the above

60. What is a mesh?

• A visual effect
• A 3D model part
• The physical representation of a 3D model
• None of the above

61. What is a quaternion?

• A list of vectors
• A linear equation description
• An array of numbers
• Non-commutative extension of complex numbers
• None of the above

62. What is Havok Physics?

• A physics SDK created by Havok
• A special way to handle game physics with quaternion
• A collision detection algorithm
• None of the above

63. What is true regarding DirectX and OpenGL?

• DirectX is a collection of API for games programming.
• DirectX is much faster than OpenGL.
• DirectX is more frequently used in professional graphics.
• OpenGL is an open standard.
• OpenGL is multi-platform.

64. Shadow volumes use per-pixel lighting.

• True
• False

65. What does dereferencing mean in C?

• Accessing a pointer’s value
• Accessing the value pointed by a pointer
• Adding a second reference to a pointer
• None of the above

66. What is the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi algorithm used for?

• Collision detection
• Texture uploading
• File compression
• Network priority queue

67. What is a data structure?

• A list of values with names associated to them
• An object array
• An event list
• None of the above

68. What are the differences between anisotropic filtering and trilinear filtering?

• Anisotropic filtering gives a better quality than trilinear filtering
• Trilinear gives a better quality than Antisotropic filtering
• Anisotropic filtering performs a linear interpolation
• Trilinear filtering doesn’t take the angle of vision into account
• Trilinear filtering needs more bandwidth than anisotropic filtering

69. What is a resource manager?

• A system to free objects in a game
• A system to add objects to a game
• A system to load and free resources in a game
• A system to simplify access to various resources in a game
• A system to increase the loading speed

70. What is RAMDAC?

• A second video ram for 3D objects
• A fast video ram
• A memory that contains the textures
• A memory storing the color pallet and a converter to generate an analog signal

71. What is mipmapping?

• A technique to increase the quality of textures
• A technique that decreases or increases the resolution of a texture depending on the distance between the point of view and the textured object
• A technique to resize textures
• A technique to apply textures

72. What is IEC 60559

• A file format
• A network protocol
• A floating point standard
• None of the above

73. What is HDRR?

• The application of multiple textures
• The rendering of 3D scenes by using lighting calculations done in a larger dynamic range
• A fast path to copy vertices to the video card
• None of the above

74. What is object oriented programming?

• An attempt to aid programmers in the separation of concerns like cross-cutting concerns
• A programming paradigm that uses “objects” and their interactions to design applications and computer programs
• A paradigm based on policies
• None of the above

75. What is a quadric?

• A 3D object which is hard coded
• A D-dimensional hyper-surface defined as the locus of the zeros of a quadratic polynomial
• A 3D object evaluated using tesselation
• None of the above.

76. Which of the following is a good design?

• Uploading a complete texture to the GPU for each frame
• Uploading the texture once and, if part of it changes, uploading the changed sub textures
• Uploading the texture once,and then, if it changes, uploading it again
• Not using any texture for unfiltered images but drawing directly from the CPU at each frame (e.g. glDrawPixels)