CISCO Bring Your Own Device 2019 Answers

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  1. Why is BYOD important to the enterprise?
    • Users can take advantage of devices they already own, and the enterprise saves on cost.

  2. The most important user security responsibility in a BYOD environment is:

    • Be aware of cyber attack vectors.

  3. Which tools can IT use to enforce BYOD policy?
    • All of the above

  4. What is NOT a benefit of BYOD?

    • Viruses and security issues.

  5. One of the concerns in converting from a company issued to BYOD environment is that it makes security and device management security more challenging for IT.

    • True
  6. What should an effective security policy includes?

    • Definitions of what information is sensitive and who should have access to it.

  7. What is not a building block in a BYOD solution?

    • Workplace Integration.

  8. List the critical factors for a successful BYOD implementation. (Choose 7)

    • Ensure network performance and reliability.

    • Establish and maintain secure access to corporate network.

    • Implement IT-assisted and self-support model for the devices.

    • Solution must address entire spectrum of use cases.

    • Enforce company usage policies.

    • Maintain visibility and manageability of all devices on the corporate network and beyond.

    • Protecting data and loss prevention.