Adobe Premiere Test Answers 2019

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Posted on June 7, 2019

38 Test Questions:

1. Which of the following is not specified by the tracks panel in the sequence dialog?

• The master track’s format
• The instance of the audio track or the clip
• The number of audio tracks in a sequence
• The number of channels in the audio tracks

2. Why is a counting leader used?

• To export audio files
• To verify that audio is working properly
• To verify that audio and video are working in sync
• None of the above

3. In Title Properties panel, which of the following options is used to specify the horizontal scale of the selected font?

• Kerning
• Tracking
• Baseline Shift
• Aspect

< h2 >4. Markers are used for reference but do not alter the video program.

• True
• False

5. Suppose there is an audio clip (with average playback speed) for the following sentence:

“A digital audio editor is a application used for manipulating digital audio”

Our requirement is to insert an audible word “computer” before the word “application” in the same audio clip.

Which of the following edit methods is preferable to get the desired manipulated digital audio clip?

• Frame-based
• Audio Samples

6. While editing multi camera sequences, which of the following synchronization methods, synchronizes clips to the specified timecode?

• In Points
• Out Points
• Clip markers
• None of these

7. Which of the following premiere setting files cannot be transferred across platforms?

• Motion settings (.pmt)
• Project files (.ppj)
• Sequences (.psq)
• Transition sets (.pfx)

8. Choose an appropriate option from the list to complete the following sentence:

When user creates low-resolution clips for offline editing with Adobe Media Encoder,

• clips with single audio channel are created even if you have four or more audio channels on your footage.
• clips with two audio channels are created even if you have four or more audio channels on your footage.
• clips with all available audio channels are created that are there on your footage.
• filenames of the original clips are retained in the filenames of the encoded clips.

9. Splitting of clip creates a new and separate instance of the original clip.

• True
• False

10. Which of the following is not a tool in the title window tool box?

• Oval
• Straight line
• Polygon
• Zoom tool

11. In the given diagram, which filter has been applied on the clip in Figure A to get the output shown in Figure B?

• Mosaic
• Extract
• Median
• Emboss

12. Which feature allows one to move, rotate, distort and magnify a variety of still image and video files?

• Motion
• Zoom
• Rotate
• Position

13. Which of the following is another kind of split edit?

• J cut
• H cut
• M cut
• None of the above

14. What determines the length of transition?

• Length of clip in track Video 1A
• Length of clip in track video 1B
• Length of overlap of clip in track Video 1A over clip in track Video 1B
• None of the above

15. Which of the following blending or superimposing modes is the opposite of the Color mode?

Hint: Result color of the Color blending mode has hue and saturation of the source color and luminosity of the underlying color.

• Hue
• Luminosity
• Saturation
• Exclusion

16. In the Title Properties panel, which of the following options is used to create superscripts and subscripts?

• Slant
• Baseline Shift
• Leading
• Tracking

17. Adobe Premiere Pro saves style library files with the extension

• .cfl
• .tlb
• .ppj
• .prsl

18. In the Audio Track Mixer shown above, what function does the button marked in red performs?

• Mutes a send.
• Deletes a send.
• Completely turns off track output.
• Designates a send as a pre-fader or post-fader.

19. What is the frame size for NTSC video?

• 720×486 pixels
• 720×480 pixels
• 720×530 pixels
• 720×534 pixels

20. Which of the following is true about linking and unlinking video and audio clips in a Timeline?

• We can link video only to audio.
• We cannot link a video clip to another video clip.
• We cannot link an audio clip to another audio clip.
• We can link a video clip to multiple audio clips.

21. Which of the following is not a transparency key type?

• Blue screen
• Green screen

22. Assuming that no optimization has been performed for rendering with available memory.

What is the maximum number of available processors that Premiere Pro can use by default for video rendering?

• 18
• 11
• 16
• 10

23. What happens if gain value is set to forty percent in audio mixing?

• Amplifies the clip
• Attenuates the clip
• Won’t accept this value
• None of the above

24. _____________ specifies the amount of space added or subtracted between specific character pairs.

• Orientation
• Kerning
• Aligning
• Justify

25. Which option is not available in all the transitions?

• Forward
• Reverse
• Anti-alias
• None of the following

26. How is extracting different from lifting?

• Removes a range of frames from the timeline
• The frames can be within a single clip or can span multiple clips
• Removes the selected range of frames from all unlocked tracks and closes the gaps
• None of the following

27. Which of the following is true about Move Into Sync — one of the options to automatically synchronize clips that were moved out of sync?

• Synchronizes clips to the specified timecode.
• Shifts the selected video or audio part of the clip in time to restore sync.
• Performs a slip edit to restore sync without moving the clip’s position in time.
• Moves the clip without regard to adjacent clips and overwrites any clips to regain sync.

28. A clip cannot be used multiple times in the timeline.

• True
• False

29. Which type of transparency key should be applied on Figure A to achieve the result in Figure C, in the given diagram?

• Chroma
• Alpha channel
• Track matte
• Image matte

30. What could be the reason if the Multi-Camera Monitor displays the same frame in large previews on both the left and right side?

• The current clip is not a multi-camera clip.
• The multi-camera clip is not enabled.
• Effects applied to the target sequence are not display in the Multi-Camera Monitor.
• Storage bandwidth is not sufficient for the number of cameras used by the current clip.

31. What should be used to split multiple tracks at the same point in the timeline?

• Razor tool
• Multi-razor tool
• Fade scissor tool
• None of the following

32. What does the acronym PAL stands for?

• Phase altered line
• Phase alternating line
• Phase alternation line
• None of the following

33. In a Timeline panel, sub-mixes don’t have the options as shown in the image:

• True
• False

34. The use of which transition has been shown in the given diagram?

• Cross dissolve
• Cross zoom
• Cube spin
• Curtain

35. Which of the following Roll/Crawl Timing options, specifies the number of frames through which the title rolls at a slowly increasing speed until the title reaches the playback speed?

• Ease-Out
• Ease-In
• Preroll
• Postroll

36. In the given diagram, what is the area inside the dotted line denoted by A called?

• Title safe zone
• Action safe zone
• Frame safe zone
• Motion safe zone

37. The following image shows a Clip in Program Monitor showing two motion paths:

What does the spacing between dots indicates here?

• Keyframed positions.
• Positions at interpolated frames.
• Speed between keyframes.
• Clip anchor points.

38. Which of the following is true about resizing the text box created with Path Type tool, which is shown in the image?

• Resizing the text box, resizes the visible area along with the text it contains.
• Resizing the text box, resizes only the visible area; the text remains the same size.
• Resizing the text box, resizes only the text contained in the visible area; size of visible area remains the same.
• None of these.