Royal Transfer


Frontend development


HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, SEO,
Apache Configuration, Photoshop

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Royal Transfer


I've met Royal Transfer owner Andrii on a offline event, where we discussed the profit of having a website for transfer company. Andrii's company has 7 cars in a car park and more than 25 employees. Their mission is to create a fast and secure transfer on the west of Ukraine. The website must be on a ukrainian language, because it is aimed on a locals. Also, it has to support online orders, so customers can make an order. Website has to be SEO-friendly, so it'll be on a first/second page of a Google Search.


First of all, we discussed supported cities, list of hotels, car park, information about the company. After that, I've started creating pages, and Andrii's manager was sending images, information during the working project. After filling all pages, website became mobile friendly, and it was released. Thanks to Google Analytics, we found out the semantic core, and made website seo-friendly by editing meta-tags and content


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January 2019