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HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP,

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About the project

Monumi owner requested a landing page for his new offer on a ukrainian market. Monumi is a child & eco friendly toy made of corrugated cardboard and represents a house. Monumi is a great present for a group of kids, it'll be interesting and joyful to paint and design the house. Houses are produced absolutely white but with a tiny path - the border of shapes. All heroes and elements are created by professional painters. Monumi is a great toy not only for kids but for the adults playing with them.


Create a colorful landing page for Monumi distribution, only for mobiles. Create a functional to order toys. Insert block with interactive polls, so new customers can see the result of satisfaction. Send all orders to a CRM and email. Create images for a website, choose a color palette. Optimize images size for faster loading. Make text easily readable & create slideshow for an every toy with "More description" button, which will "dropdown" a text.


Home screen with an offer
Video presentation
Monumi houses catalog
Monumi in action
Poll and delivery info


February 2019