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HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, SEO,
Apache Configuration, Photoshop,
Telegram Bot

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A. Lingerie


A. Lingerie team contacted me via Telegram with a proposal to create the website. Team member Igor sent me their existing website and asked to find out a new way of selling online. The main goals were: online catalog for 20-30 positions of woman swimwear, orders need to be delivered to Telegram via bot, website has to be mobile-friendly and load fast.


We decided to create a test version of a website to understand does it work on not. Also, clients' budget wasn't big enough, so we decided to copy an existing website and modify it to satisfy all demands. After copying the website, I've worked hard on page loading: configured CSS,JS,HTML minifiers and set up lazy loading (because of 90+ images on a single page). After that, we had hard team work, while Igor was telling what to edit, we discussed it, and I've "brought it to life". After the work is over - website loading speed was about 1.1-1.9s.


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April 2019




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